Our Senior Management Team

Sean Garvan

Chief Financial Officer

Sean Garvan has over 17 years of experience as an entrepreneur, board participant and corporate consultant, with 12 years specifically within the corporate finance, investment management, and debt structuring industry.

Founding his first company at 19, Sean has amassed a unique portfolio of experience and skills and a professional network spanning six continents, holding several senior board and governance positions.

As CFO, Sean’s pragmatic approach to finance and corporate governance, combined with a detailed understanding of capital markets, complex and alternative investment strategies, financial data, and regulatory frameworks, represents significant value for ViraCorp.

Throughout his broad and multi-faceted career, Sean has launched and overseen operations for numerous successful businesses across a wide array of sectors. His expertise and experience in consultancy are in high demand, having provided corporate advisory and strategic financial services to businesses such as Commonwealth Bank, Vodafone, and Accor Group.

ViraCorp’s objective to relentlessly pursue improved health outcomes for everyone, regardless of location or circumstance, resonates exceptionally with Sean’s ability to lead and empower others towards a common goal, with a strong focus on execution and stewardship.

Sean Garvan