Our Senior Management Team

Masuda Nabi

Sales & Distribution Director (ViraCorp)

Masuda Nabi is a driven, professional executive with a history in delivering high-quality project management and operations support to businesses in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. She now serves as Director of Sales and Distribution at ViraCorp, overseeing an industry-leading team of professionals on the company’s mission to bring affordable, innovative antiviral solutions to where they’re needed most across the globe.

Graduating with an MPhil from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience and the University of Queensland with a BSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, Masuda has dedicated her career to researching and deploying projects which vary from diagnostic platforms to repurposing of biomaterials.

Previously the Bioprocess Product Manager for one of the largest biomedical companies in Australia and New Zealand, Masuda has a wealth of experience within the sector which uniquely positions her to help bring ViraCorp’s pioneering flagship products to market.

Masuda’s energetic and passionate approach to her work is evidenced in her relationships to her colleagues and her management style, which makes space for individual inputs and considerations. She shares the mindset of all who work at ViraCorp, which is that we are a company for humans, first and foremost.

A resilient, persistent, and persevering individual, Masuda has been instrumental in the launch of ViraCoat’s proprietary Antiviral FFP2 Facemasks, and through her international network has ensured that the products will be both available and affordable across the world in 2022.

Masuda Nabi