Our Senior Management Team

Brian Eatwell

Research & Development Director

Brian Eatwell is a seasoned inventor with over 27 years of experience in identifying market gaps and creating innovative products to suit them. With extensive knowledge in polymers and liquid metals, Brian has been instrumental in creating successful businesses and products with an aim to improve our standard of living. In 2021, Brian discovered a method of penetrating fabrics with an oxide coating whilst maintaining breathability and flexibility of the materials.

Through his work with the team at ViraCorp, it was unveiled that this technology has an unprecedented effect on the destruction of COVID-19.

Now deployed across ViraCoat’s range of products, this proprietary coating is helping to keep people safer than with traditional PPE, killing COVID-19 and other viruses within minutes of contact, with other uses being tested continuously.

Brian’s resilience in his work, coupled with his drive for innovation in humanitarian causes, ensures that he will continue to create products which will improve the world his children will inherit.

Brian Eatwell