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Our products are available directly on our website.

At ViraCoat, our aim is to provide safer, longer-lasting PPE at a price more affordable than the current market options. Visit here if you’d like to view our product options.

Whilst currently our Virucidal FFP2 Facemasks are only available in our Signature Green colour, we are exploring the options of providing alternative colours in the near future.

Our Virucidal FFP2 Facemasks are one-size-fits-all, featuring an adjustable nose bridge and elastic ear loops. We’re also currently developing another style that will feature a head loop instead and are hoping this will be available soon.

You can contact us via the Contact Us section of our website here.

Technology & Safety

Our PPE is coated with our virucidal, antiviral & antimicrobial coating, which in lab testing has proven to kill COVID-19 and other common viruses within 5 minutes of contact. This helps to keep you safer for longer, enabling you to use one mask for longer durations, on all occasions.

Our products are certified under the EN 149 and ISO 18184 specifications for FFP2 masks and antiviral capacity. All of our products are tested to the highest of standards to ensure that they are safe, comfortable, and durable.

Our products are tested in a state-of-the-art CL3 laboratory facility in conjunction with the world-leading virology team at Lancaster University. They are tested under extreme measures, and with live versions of each virus, ensuring that our results are as accurate as possible.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom using the highest quality materials, our masks are able to maintain their breathability whilst offering an additional layer of protection.

All of our products are tested and certified by representative regulatory agencies in each territory. Not only are they safe to use, but they are subject to more rigorous, thorough testing than ordinary everyday masks to ensure they measure up to task.

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