Our Senior Management Team

Prof. Muhammad Munir

Chief Scientific Officer

Prof. Muhammad Munir is a molecular virologist at Lancaster University with extensive research experience on viral diagnostics, vaccine development, and viral pathobiology.  Prof. Munir has successfully developed a novel vaccine against COVID-19 which blocks transmission and can be administered through the nose or via sustained-release patch technology.  He has also co-developed an artificial intelligence guided molecular diagnostic platform for SARS-CoV-2 detection which is CE marked and MHRA approved.

A member of the World Health Organisation expert panel on animal models and CoVID-19 vaccines, Prof. Munir has appeared as an expert over 500 times across 18 TV and radio channels including CNN, BBC, Sky News, and ITV.

Through his work with ViraCorp and Lancaster University, Prof. Munir intends to continue researching and developing biomedical technologies with a specific aim to improve health outcomes in the developing world.

Prof. Muhammad Munir