Our Senior Management Team

Gawad Nabi

Executive Director

Gawad Nabi is a storied investor, innovator, and CEO, with experience in both funding and founding pioneering businesses spanning two decades. His relentless, optimistic approach to business is evidenced by his leading of over 25 companies across 5 countries.

A stalwart family man, Gawad’s primary focus is ensuring a better future for his children, and to that end he has sought innovative technologies within the biomedical space. Being a part of ViraCorp from its inception, Gawad is a pivotal member of the board, providing crucial input and leadership strategy across the company and its subsidiaries.

Gawad is a firm believer in working smarter, not harder, and is constantly pushing his team members to reevaluate their approaches to work, creating a dynamic learning environment within the workspace. His contagiously charismatic leadership style seeps into every facet of his work and is reflected by the moods of those who work with him.

Gawad’s ambitions for the company are inspiring, aiming to branch into other areas within the sector to ensure that we can continue to innovate and iterate on the existing treatments and approaches to a number of health issues facing the world.

Gawad Nabi