How ViraCoat’s Neutrapodal Technology Works Against The Seasonal Flu

How ViraCoat’s Neutrapodal Technology Works Against The Seasonal Flu

COVID-19 isn’t the only airborne disease our global population is faced with. Flu season comes around every year with varying levels of severity for those who catch it. While it’s not as deadly as coronavirus, the World Health Organisation estimates that there are 290,000 to 650,000 influenza-related respiratory deaths every year.

As well as this, the past two years have shown us first hand the huge impact that getting sick can have on the way our societies run. Too many people ill at the same time can burden workplaces, particularly hospitals, schools, and hospitality venues, meaning they can’t function effectively.

Many people are understandably weary of wearing face masks all the time. However, we know they’re instrumental in preventing infections from spreading within the community. Flu cases over the past two years have been significantly lower than they were prior to the coronavirus pandemic. While this is partly contributed to lockdowns, social distancing, and people being more conscious about washing their hands, masks have played a very important role.

Typical face masks work well to stop the spread of airborne particles by blocking them. Either from coming into contact with people’s noses or mouths or from escaping to others. However, our Neutrapodal Technology is specially designed with the aim of destroying viral particles, not just blocking them.

This additional defence mechanism reduces the chance of transmission occurring.

Moving beyond just face masks

Our Neutrapodal Technology has a wide variety of possible use cases. Due to its nature, the special coating can be embedded in a number of different materials. A particularly valuable application is within air filters.

Air filters are typically made up of multiple layers, one of which can be manufactured with material that’s been bonded with our Neutrapodal coating on a molecular level. This would mean that as air is filtered through air conditioning systems and the like, viral particles are actually destroyed instead of just being caught.

Air filters that are reinforced with our Neutrapodal Technology would benefit any high traffic, indoor location such as hospitals, schools, shopping centres, airports, or even trains. While hugely beneficial for reducing the spread of COVID, it would also help reduce the spread of other airborne viruses like the flu.