The Differences in Face Masks According to Prof. Munir

The Differences in Face Masks According to Prof. Munir

As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no time like the present to begin re-evaluating ways in which we can learn to live alongside the virus, returning to the normality of life we took for granted in 2019.

Alongside vaccines, safe social distancing practices, and our own independent vigilance, masks remain one of the most effective measures in combatting the transmission of the coronavirus. In recent months you may have seen conversations emerge about the types of masks available, and the differences in protection in each.

Prof. Muhammad Munir is a world leader in the field of virology and has provided a unique, intelligent insight into the masks on offer, as well as his own recommendations for safety.

Cloth masks

“Cloth masks effectively serve as little more than pretty face decorations- providing no protection against aerosol droplets, these masks are not woven tightly enough to defend against virus particles, and are not recommended for any circumstance.”

FFP2 masks

“What’s important with masks is that they have a ‘high filtration efficacy’- that is to say that they are effective at filtering dangerous particles away from your respiratory system, leaving them on the outside of the mask fabric instead. FFP2 masks provide you with a high filtration efficacy against aerosol droplets and as such are an adequate choice for all circumstances.”

N95 masks

“N95 masks are the gold standard for everyday citizens- providing the highest filtration efficacy for the individual at a cost- the valve fitted to the mask may mean that you are breathing dangerous particles back out into the world. As such, N95 masks are excellent at protecting you, but leave a lot to be desired when thinking of those around you.”

ViraCoat FFP2 mask

ViraCoat’s patented FFP2 masks are coated with a virucidal, antimicrobial technology. This technology has been proven to kill the COVID-19 virus within minutes of contact, ensuring that any dangerous particles which would ordinarily rest on the surface of the mask are neutralised.

“ViraCoat masks provide the same levels of personal protection found in N95 masks without sacrificing the protection of those around you.

“The reusability of these masks make them especially appealing for health services and other frontline workers, as they are no longer required to be swapping masks and risking cross-contamination several times per shift.”